A new payment experience is here!

Bingpay is a Nigerian financial technology company that enables Africans to make payments for goods and services all over the world.

Our values

We're on an adventure to provide endless payment possibilities for everyone.


We are honest and transparent in our dealings with customers, partners, and employees.


We are commited to innovation by investing in research and development in modern technology.


We strive for excellence by setting high standards for our services, providing excellent customer support and continuously trying to improve.


We are creating an inclusive workplace by hiring people from diverse backgrounds, providing equal opportunities for advancement.

Our Journey

  1. April 2021
    The Birth of Bingpay
  2. February 2022
    10,000+ Customers
  3. August 2022
    API for Developers
  4. January 2023
    $200k Transaction Volume
  5. June 2023
    v2.0 Ships