New Introducing Bingpay for Business 💸

Your one stop app for everyday Payments.

Join millions of people globally to pay bills, send mobile top-ups, purchase gift cards and trade digital assets, all in one app.


Make payments anytime, anywhere with confidence.

Bingpay unlocks the possibility of making payments for millions of goods and services in one app.

Global Mobile Topup

Stay in touch with people you care for. Top up airtime and data for over 5 billion mobile phones with spanning coverage of 50+ countries.

Utility Bills

Life could be hard but making payments shouldn't. Pay for Power supply, Internet bundles or Cable TV subscriptions at your comfort zone.


Shop on all international stores easier than ever. You can buy Giftcards for thousands of brands directly from your Bingpay wallet.

Flights & Hotels

Book your flights, hotels and holidays with Bingpay. We bring you the best international and domestic flights from all your favorite airlines.

Event Tickets

Discover amazing events that match your passions and purchase tickets for your favorite shows easily from your bingpay app.

Trade Digital Assets

Save the stress, convert your unused airtime, paypal funds or giftcard to cash on bingpay with the best exhange rates in the market.

Bingpay Business

Accept payments instantly with Bingpay!

With Bingpay business, you can accept payment with your merchant ID, make bulk transactions with discounts, get access to our developer APIs and reach more audience with SMS marketing.





Be truly borderless.

Bingpay offers fast and reliable payments for over 5,000 leading brands in one marketplace.

It's now possible to shop online, send mobile top-ups and gift subscription cards in any country without banking restrictions.

Who Can Use BingPay?

Bingpay serves customers who need to make payment for their daily needs, and businesses who needs to get paid accross borders seamlessly.


Shop better on your favourite physical and online stores. With Bingpay, you are able to make payment for everyday goods and services seamlessly.


Recieve payments faster from anywhere on your physical store with no technical integrations and paperworks.


Create and launch apps that will enable your customers to pay bills, buy giftcards, perform KYC checks and so much more with our developer APIs.